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Switzerland Airport Codes - All Airports in Switzerland

Check the detailed information such as airports in Switzerland, IATA, FAA and ICAO Codes of Switzerland airport, contact numbers, latitude and longitude, timezone and DST information. It include domestic airports in Switzerland and even airports that have been closed for some reason in the Switzerland.

  1. Now you should select the airport name it will show you list of airports in Switzerland country.
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Find All Switzerland Airports, IATA, ICAO, FAA Codes and more information

This website provides brief information about Switzerland airports code, of 73 around the Switzerland and a collection of IATA code, FAA code and ICAO code, for almost all of the more than 73 airports in the list of bases.

  • The IATA code for Switzerland airports is used for location identification in Switzerland, and its 3-digit code is used Switzerland.
  • The ICAO airport code for Switzerland is a 4 digit code that is used to identify flight stations, weather stations, flight information, and regional control centers of airports in Switzerland.
  • The FAA airport code for Switzerland airports is commonly used for small public or private airports in Switzerland.
  • Switzerland - Airports Name, City, IATA Code Details

    # Airport Name City IATA Code Country Code
    1 Alpnach Air Base Alpnach Switzerland [CH]
    2 Ambri Quinto Switzerland [CH]
    3 Amlikon Glider Switzerland [CH]
    4 Ascona Ascona ACO Switzerland [CH]
    5 Bad Ragaz Switzerland [CH]
    6 Bellechasse Switzerland [CH]
    7 Bern Belp Bern BRN Switzerland [CH]
    8 Bex Bex Switzerland [CH]
    9 Biel Kappelen Switzerland [CH]
    10 Birrfeld Switzerland [CH]
    11 Bressaucourt Bressaucourt Switzerland [CH]
    12 Buochs Buochs BXO Switzerland [CH]
    13 Buttwil Switzerland [CH]
    14 Courtelary Switzerland [CH]
    15 Dittingen Switzerland [CH]
    16 Dübendorf Air Base Zurich Switzerland [CH]
    17 Ecuvillens Switzerland [CH]
    18 Emmen Air Base EML Switzerland [CH]
    19 Flugplatz Hasenstrick Switzerland [CH]
    20 Fricktal Schupfart Switzerland [CH]
    21 Gampel Gampel Switzerland [CH]
    22 Geneva Cointrin International Geneva GVA Switzerland [CH]
    23 Grenchen ZHI Switzerland [CH]
    24 Gruyeres Switzerland [CH]
    25 Hausen am Albis Switzerland [CH]
    26 Holziken Holziken Switzerland [CH]
    27 Interlaken Air Base ZIN Switzerland [CH]
    28 Kagiswil Switzerland [CH]
    29 La Côte La Côte Switzerland [CH]
    30 Langenthal Switzerland [CH]
    31 Lausanne Blécherette Lausanne QLS Switzerland [CH]
    32 Les Eplatures La Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland [CH]
    33 Leysin Leysin Switzerland [CH]
    34 Locarno Locarno ZJI Switzerland [CH]
    35 Lodrino Lodrino Switzerland [CH]
    36 Lodrino Air Base Lodrino Switzerland [CH]
    37 Lommis Airfield Lommis Switzerland [CH]
    38 Lugano Lugano LUG Switzerland [CH]
    39 Luzern Beromunster Lucerne Switzerland [CH]
    40 Meiringen Switzerland [CH]
    41 Mollis Switzerland [CH]
    42 Montricher Switzerland [CH]
    43 Motiers Switzerland [CH]
    44 Muenster Aero Switzerland [CH]
    45 Neuchatel QNC Switzerland [CH]
    46 Olten Switzerland [CH]
    47 Payerne Air Base Switzerland [CH]
    48 Pfaffnau Pfaffnau Switzerland [CH]
    49 Porrentruy Porrentruy Switzerland [CH]
    50 Raron Raron Switzerland [CH]

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