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Colombia Airport Codes - All Airports in Colombia

Check the detailed information such as airports in Colombia, IATA, FAA and ICAO Codes of Colombia airport, contact numbers, latitude and longitude, timezone and DST information. It include domestic airports in Colombia and even airports that have been closed for some reason in the Colombia.

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Find All Colombia Airports, IATA, ICAO, FAA Codes and more information

This website provides brief information about Colombia airports code, of 97 around the Colombia and a collection of IATA code, FAA code and ICAO code, for almost all of the more than 97 airports in the list of bases.

  • The IATA code for Colombia airports is used for location identification in Colombia, and its 3-digit code is used Colombia.
  • The ICAO airport code for Colombia is a 4 digit code that is used to identify flight stations, weather stations, flight information, and regional control centers of airports in Colombia.
  • The FAA airport code for Colombia airports is commonly used for small public or private airports in Colombia.
  • Colombia - Airports Name, City, IATA Code Details

    # Airport Name City IATA Code Country Code
    1 La Chorrera La Chorrera LCR Colombia [CO]
    2 La Florida Tumaco TCO Colombia [CO]
    3 La Gaviota LGT Colombia [CO]
    4 La Jagua Garzón GLJ Colombia [CO]
    5 La Macarena La Macarena LMC Colombia [CO]
    6 La Nubia Manizales MZL Colombia [CO]
    7 La Pedrera La Pedrera LPD Colombia [CO]
    8 Las Brujas Corozal CZU Colombia [CO]
    9 Las Cruces Sabana De Torres SNT Colombia [CO]
    10 Las Flores El Banco ELB Colombia [CO]
    11 Leguizamo Leguizamo LGZ Colombia [CO]
    12 Lopez De Micay Lopez De Micay LMX Colombia [CO]
    13 Lorica Lorica LRI Colombia [CO]
    14 Los Colonizadores Saravena RVE Colombia [CO]
    15 Los Garzones Montería MTR Colombia [CO]
    16 Macanal Macanal NAD Colombia [CO]
    17 Madrid Air Base Madrid Colombia [CO]
    18 Maicao Maicao Colombia [CO]
    19 Málaga Málaga Colombia [CO]
    20 Mandinga Condoto COG Colombia [CO]
    21 Marandúa Air Base Marandúa Colombia [CO]
    22 Marco Fidel Suarez Air Base Cali Colombia [CO]
    23 Mariquita Mariquita MQU Colombia [CO]
    24 Matecaña International Pereira PEI Colombia [CO]
    25 Medina Medina MND Colombia [CO]
    26 Melgar Air Base Melgar Colombia [CO]
    27 Miraflores Miraflores MFS Colombia [CO]
    28 Miriti Miriti MIX Colombia [CO]
    29 Monfort Monfort MFB Colombia [CO]
    30 Montelibano Montelíbano MTB Colombia [CO]
    31 Monterrey Monterrey MOY Colombia [CO]
    32 Morichal Morichal MHF Colombia [CO]
    33 Mosquera Mosquera MQR Colombia [CO]
    34 Mulatos Mulatos ULS Colombia [CO]
    35 Necocli Necocli NCI Colombia [CO]
    36 Obando Puerto Inírida PDA Colombia [CO]
    37 Orito Orito Colombia [CO]
    38 Otu Remedios OTU Colombia [CO]
    39 Palonegro Bucaramanga BGA Colombia [CO]
    40 Paratebueno Paratebueno EUO Colombia [CO]
    41 Payan Payan PYN Colombia [CO]
    42 Perales Ibagué IBE Colombia [CO]
    43 Pitalito Pitalito PTX Colombia [CO]
    44 Planadas Planadas PLA Colombia [CO]
    45 Planeta Rica Planeta Rica PLC Colombia [CO]
    46 Plato Plato PLT Colombia [CO]
    47 Pore Pore PRE Colombia [CO]
    48 Puerto Berrio Puerto Berrio PBE Colombia [CO]
    49 Puerto Bolívar Portete Colombia [CO]
    50 Puerto Gaitan Puerto Gaitan Colombia [CO]

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