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Japan Airport Codes - All Airports in Japan

Check the detailed information such as airports in Japan, IATA, FAA and ICAO Codes of Japan airport, contact numbers, latitude and longitude, timezone and DST information. It include domestic airports in Japan and even airports that have been closed for some reason in the Japan.

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Find All Japan Airports, IATA, ICAO, FAA Codes and more information

This website provides brief information about Japan airports code, of 148 around the Japan and a collection of IATA code, FAA code and ICAO code, for almost all of the more than 148 airports in the list of bases.

  • The IATA code for Japan airports is used for location identification in Japan, and its 3-digit code is used Japan.
  • The ICAO airport code for Japan is a 4 digit code that is used to identify flight stations, weather stations, flight information, and regional control centers of airports in Japan.
  • The FAA airport code for Japan airports is commonly used for small public or private airports in Japan.
  • Japan - Airports Name, City, IATA Code Details

    # Airport Name City IATA Code Country Code
    1 Aguni Aguni AGJ Japan [JP]
    2 Akasaka Press Center Tokyo Japan [JP]
    3 Akeno Japan [JP]
    4 Akita Akita AXT Japan [JP]
    5 Amakusa Japan [JP]
    6 Amami Amami ASJ Japan [JP]
    7 Aomori Aomori AOJ Japan [JP]
    8 Asahikawa Asahikawa / Hokkaid? AKJ Japan [JP]
    9 Ashiya Japan [JP]
    10 Atsugi Naval Air Facility NJA Japan [JP]
    11 Beppu Beppu BPU Japan [JP]
    12 Chichi jima Japan [JP]
    13 Chitose Air Base SPK Japan [JP]
    14 Chofu Tokyo Japan [JP]
    15 Chubu Centrair International Tokoname NGO Japan [JP]
    16 Fuji Air Base Gotemba Japan [JP]
    17 Fukue Goto FUJ Japan [JP]
    18 Fukui FKJ Japan [JP]
    19 Fukuoka Fukuoka FUK Japan [JP]
    20 Fukushima Sukagawa FKS Japan [JP]
    21 Futenma Marine Corps Air Station Japan [JP]
    22 Gifu Gifu QGU Japan [JP]
    23 Hachijojima Hachijojima HAC Japan [JP]
    24 Hachinohe HHE Japan [JP]
    25 Hakodate Hakodate HKD Japan [JP]
    26 Hamamatsu Japan [JP]
    27 Hanamaki HNA Japan [JP]
    28 Hateruma Hateruma HTR Japan [JP]
    29 Hiroshima Hiroshima HIJ Japan [JP]
    30 Hiroshimanishi HIW Japan [JP]
    31 Hofu Japan [JP]
    32 Hyakuri Omitama IBR Japan [JP]
    33 Ie Jima Ie IEJ Japan [JP]
    34 Ie Shima Auxiliary Air Base Japan [JP]
    35 Iki Iki IKI Japan [JP]
    36 Iruma Air Base Tokyo Japan [JP]
    37 Ishigaki Ishigaki ISG Japan [JP]
    38 Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni Japan [JP]
    39 Iwami Masuda IWJ Japan [JP]
    40 Iwo Jima IWO Japan [JP]
    41 Izumo Izumo IZO Japan [JP]
    42 JASDF Ominato Japan [JP]
    43 Kadena Air Base DNA Japan [JP]
    44 Kagoshima Kagoshima KOJ Japan [JP]
    45 Kamigoto Kamigoto Japan [JP]
    46 Kanoya Japan [JP]
    47 Kansai Kyoto UKY Japan [JP]
    48 Kansai International Osaka KIX Japan [JP]
    49 Kastner Army Camp Zama Japan [JP]
    50 Kasumigaura Japan [JP]

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