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Panama Airport Codes - All Airports in Panama

Check the detailed information such as airports in Panama, IATA, FAA and ICAO Codes of Panama airport, contact numbers, latitude and longitude, timezone and DST information. It include domestic airports in Panama and even airports that have been closed for some reason in the Panama.

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Find All Panama Airports, IATA, ICAO, FAA Codes and more information

This website provides brief information about Panama airports code, of 56 around the Panama and a collection of IATA code, FAA code and ICAO code, for almost all of the more than 56 airports in the list of bases.

  • The IATA code for Panama airports is used for location identification in Panama, and its 3-digit code is used Panama.
  • The ICAO airport code for Panama is a 4 digit code that is used to identify flight stations, weather stations, flight information, and regional control centers of airports in Panama.
  • The FAA airport code for Panama airports is commonly used for small public or private airports in Panama.
  • Panama - Airports Name, City, IATA Code Details

    # Airport Name City IATA Code Country Code
    1 Achutupo Achutupo ACU Panama [PA]
    2 Alligandi Alligandi AIL Panama [PA]
    3 Alonso Valderrama Chitré CTD Panama [PA]
    4 Alvaro Berroa Nueva California Panama [PA]
    5 Augusto Vergara Los Santos Panama [PA]
    6 Bahia Piña Bahia Piña BFQ Panama [PA]
    7 Bocas Del Toro International Isla Colón BOC Panama [PA]
    8 Caledonia Caledonia CDE Panama [PA]
    9 Calzada Larga Calzada Larga Panama [PA]
    10 Cap Manuel Niño International Changuinola CHX Panama [PA]
    11 Capt Justiniano Montenegro Pedasi Panama [PA]
    12 Captain Ramon Xatruch La Palma PLP Panama [PA]
    13 Carti Carti CTE Panama [PA]
    14 Chame Chame District Panama [PA]
    15 Contadora Contadora Island OTD Panama [PA]
    16 Corazón de Jesús Corazón de Jesús and Narganá Islands CZJ Panama [PA]
    17 Deborah Guabito Panama [PA]
    18 El Porvenir El Porvenir PVE Panama [PA]
    19 EL Real El Real de Santa María ELE Panama [PA]
    20 Enrique Adolfo Jimenez Colón ONX Panama [PA]
    21 Enrique Malek International David DAV Panama [PA]
    22 Finca 32 La Dalia Panama [PA]
    23 Finca 45 Dos Caños Panama [PA]
    24 Finca 67 Changuinola Panama [PA]
    25 Finca Ceiba Finca Jaguá Panama [PA]
    26 Fort Sherman Fort Sherman Panama [PA]
    27 Garachiné Garachiné GHE Panama [PA]
    28 Howard Afb Fort Kobbe HOW Panama [PA]
    29 Ingenio Santa Rosa Ingenio Santa Rosa Panama [PA]
    30 Jaqué Jaqué JQE Panama [PA]
    31 La Cabezona Guarumal Panama [PA]
    32 Mamitupo Mamitupo MPI Panama [PA]
    33 Marcos A Gelabert International Albrook PAC Panama [PA]
    34 Mulatupo Mulatupo MPP Panama [PA]
    35 Nargana Nargana NGN Panama [PA]
    36 Panama Pacific International Panamá City BLB Panama [PA]
    37 Penonome Penonome Panama [PA]
    38 Playón Chico Playón Chico PYC Panama [PA]
    39 Puerto Armuelles Puerto Armuelles AML Panama [PA]
    40 Puerto Obaldia Puerto Obaldia PUE Panama [PA]
    41 Punta Cocos Punta Cocos Panama [PA]
    42 Ruben Cantu Santiago SYP Panama [PA]
    43 Rio Sidra Rio Sidra RSI Panama [PA]
    44 Rio Tigre Rio Tigre RIT Panama [PA]
    45 Rio Tigre Rio Tigre RIT Panama [PA]
    46 Sambu Boca de Sábalo SAX Panama [PA]
    47 San Blas Wannukandi NBL Panama [PA]
    48 San Miguel Isla del Rey NMG Panama [PA]
    49 Santa Fe Santa Fe SFW Panama [PA]
    50 Scarlett Martinez International Río Hato RIH Panama [PA]

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