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Johnson Island Seaplane Base - US IATA, ICAO, FAA Code Information

IATA, ICAO, FAA Code of Johnson Island Seaplane Base - US

Johnson Island Seaplane Base [WS82] - Airport Detailed Information
Airport NameJohnson Island Seaplane Base
Airport ICAO Code
FAA CodeWS82
Primary Run Away3600 ft
Airport Timezone
Contact Number of Airport
Country CodeUS

    The Johnson Island Seaplane Base Airport codes represent the identifiers of the Johnson Island Seaplane Base in US and globally -
  • The FAA code WS82 is for Johnson Island Seaplane Base - US. This FAA Code is commonly used for small public or private airports in US.

Do you know the US is part of North America continent, and the timezone in capital Washington is America/New_York.

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FAQ - Related To Johnson Island Seaplane Base - Airport

  • What is the FAA Code of Johnson Island Seaplane Base - US airport?

    The FAA Code of Johnson Island Seaplane Base - US is WS82.

  • Which airport is the FAA code WS82 for?

    The WS82 FAA code is assigned for Johnson Island Seaplane Base Airport, US.

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