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Zambia Airport Codes - All Airports in Zambia

Check the detailed information such as airports in Zambia, IATA, FAA and ICAO Codes of Zambia airport, contact numbers, latitude and longitude, timezone and DST information. It include domestic airports in Zambia and even airports that have been closed for some reason in the Zambia.

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Find All Zambia Airports, IATA, ICAO, FAA Codes and more information

This website provides brief information about Zambia airports code, of 74 around the Zambia and a collection of IATA code, FAA code and ICAO code, for almost all of the more than 74 airports in the list of bases.

  • The IATA code for Zambia airports is used for location identification in Zambia, and its 3-digit code is used Zambia.
  • The ICAO airport code for Zambia is a 4 digit code that is used to identify flight stations, weather stations, flight information, and regional control centers of airports in Zambia.
  • The FAA airport code for Zambia airports is commonly used for small public or private airports in Zambia.
  • Zambia - Airports Name, City, IATA Code Details

    # Airport Name City IATA Code Country Code
    1 Chingola Chingola CGJ Zambia [ZM]
    2 Chinsali Chinsali Zambia [ZM]
    3 Chipata Chipata CIP Zambia [ZM]
    4 Chocha Chocha Zambia [ZM]
    5 Choma Choma Zambia [ZM]
    6 East Eight Kapu Zambia [ZM]
    7 East Five Chidulka Zambia [ZM]
    8 East Four Mululowera Zambia [ZM]
    9 East One Bwambwa Zambia [ZM]
    10 East Seven Kanshela Zambia [ZM]
    11 East Six Chiwanangala Zambia [ZM]
    12 East Three Luano Zambia [ZM]
    13 East Two Mofu Zambia [ZM]
    14 Isoka Isoka Zambia [ZM]
    15 Kabompo Kabompo Zambia [ZM]
    16 Kalabo Kalabo KLB Zambia [ZM]
    17 Kalengwa Kalengwa Zambia [ZM]
    18 Kalomo Kalomo Zambia [ZM]
    19 Kanja Kanja Zambia [ZM]
    20 Kanyau Kanyau Zambia [ZM]
    21 Kaoma Kaoma KMZ Zambia [ZM]
    22 Kasaba Bay Kasaba Bay ZKB Zambia [ZM]
    23 Kasama Kasama KAA Zambia [ZM]
    24 Kasempa Kasempa Zambia [ZM]
    25 Kasompe Chingola ZKP Zambia [ZM]
    26 Katete Katete Zambia [ZM]
    27 Kawambwa Kawambwa Zambia [ZM]
    28 Kenneth Kaunda International Lusaka Lusaka LUN Zambia [ZM]
    29 Livingstone Livingstone LVI Zambia [ZM]
    30 Luanshya Zambia Luanshya Zambia [ZM]
    31 Lukulu Lukulu LXU Zambia [ZM]
    32 Lukuzi Nansolo Zambia [ZM]
    33 Lundazi Lundazi Zambia [ZM]
    34 Lusaka City Lusaka Zambia [ZM]
    35 Luwingu Luwingu Zambia [ZM]
    36 Maamba Maamba Zambia [ZM]
    37 Mansa Mansa MNS Zambia [ZM]
    38 Mazabuka Mazabuka Zambia [ZM]
    39 Mbala Mbala MMQ Zambia [ZM]
    40 Mfuwe Mfuwe MFU Zambia [ZM]
    41 Milliken Kabwe Zambia [ZM]
    42 Mkushi Mkushi Zambia [ZM]
    43 Mongu Mongu MNR Zambia [ZM]
    44 Monze Monze Zambia [ZM]
    45 Mpika Mpika Zambia [ZM]
    46 Mporokoso Mporokoso Zambia [ZM]
    47 Mufulira Mufulira Zambia [ZM]
    48 Mulobezi Mulobezi Zambia [ZM]
    49 Mwinilunga Mwinilunga Zambia [ZM]
    50 Namwala Namwala Zambia [ZM]

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