US Routing Number Here you will find the detailed information of Routing Number 021502011, Bank - BANCO POPULAR BANK which is located in SAN JUAN city US, and also check the detailed information like the Office Code, ZIP Code, Branch address, Servicing FRB Number and Telephone number that are related to routing number 021502011 of the bank.

The 021502011 is a routing number of BANCO POPULAR BANK SAN JUAN this nine digit routing number is used to make bank transaction within the United State banks, routing number 021502011 give the unique identity to BANCO POPULAR BANK - SAN JUAN bank.

Routing number - 021502011, Bank - BANCO POPULAR BANK

021502011 - Routing number Detailed Information
Routing number
RTN | Routing Transit Number
Financial Institute Name
AddressATTN: DEPT. 638, San juan
New Routing NumberNA
Mobile | Telephone787-751-9800
Branch Code
Office Code Of Bank
O - Main Office
B: Branch Office O: Main Office
Record Type Code1
Record Type is indicating that the routing number of bank can be used for to route or send ACH items to the RFI.
0: Bank is a Federal Reserve Bank
1: Send items to the customer routing number
2: Send items to the customer using the new routing number field
Servicing FRB Number021001208
Servicing Fed's main branch office routing number
Institute Status Code1
The Institute Status Code depends on the customer's receiver code
1 - Receives Gov/Comm
Zip Code00936-2708
The Province Name

FAQ - Related To 021502011 Routing Number

  • What is the Routing number 021502011 for?

    Routing Number 021502011 is for BANCO POPULAR BANK which is located in SAN JUAN city PUERTO RICO, US.

  • What is the Routing number of BANCO POPULAR BANK, SAN JUAN US?

    The Routing number of BANCO POPULAR BANK, SAN JUAN is 021502011. You can also see all information of BANCO POPULAR BANK routing number on this page.

# Routing Number Address FRB Number Office Type
1 221572702 PO BOX 362708 SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO 021001208 O - Main Office

What details we should have of BANCO POPULAR BANK to initiate bank Wire Transfer, fund transfer?

Below is the information is given that what BANCO POPULAR BANK information we need to have to transfer the amount from the BANCO POPULAR BANK-

  1. Beneficiary Name
  2. Receiver bank Account Number
  3. Beneficiary Name, Address
  4. Beneficiary bank's Swift code
  5. BANCO POPULAR BANK, SAN JUAN Electronic Routing Number - 021502011

A routing number 021502011 is used to identify a monetary foundation in the BANCO POPULAR BANK, SAN JUAN, US. Also, note that the date of the last change to CRF information in our database is 21 September 2015, and we want to advise you that before making any electronic transaction, please confirm with BANCO POPULAR BANK office which number you must use.

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