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This website provides brief information about COMERICA BANK bank routing number, COMERICA BANK bank branches, ZIP Code, Routing Numbers, etc. It is not difficult to transfer cash flow to COMERICA BANK within the states of US by wire transfer, just search for financial banking institute, COMERICA BANK routing number, swift code and get the complete details of a particular bank.

COMERICA BANK List - Routing Numbers, City, ZIP Details

# Routing Number City Address ZIP Code
1 067012099 DETROIT PO BOX 75000 - MICHIGAN 48275-7570
2 072000096 DETROIT PO BOX 75000 - MICHIGAN 48275-7570
3 072000339 DETROIT PO BOX 75000 - MICHIGAN 48275-7570
4 072401064 DETROIT P.O BOX 75000 - MICHIGAN 48275-7570
5 072404485 DETROIT P O BOX 75000 - MICHIGAN 48275-7570
6 072404786 DETROIT P O BOX 75000 - MICHIGAN 48275-7570
7 072409794 DETROIT P O BOX 75000 - MICHIGAN 48275-7570
8 072413133 DETROIT P.O. BOX 75000 - MICHIGAN 48275-7570
9 072413256 DETROIT P O BOX 75000 - MICHIGAN 48275-7570
10 113015584 DETROIT PO BOX 75000 - MICHIGAN 48275-7570
11 114912288 DETROIT PO BOX 75000 - MICHIGAN 48275-0000

Why we use COMERICA BANK, Routing Numbers in the US?

The Comerica bank routing number is a 9 digits numerical codes which is particularly used to identify Comerica bank branch for different monetary purposes. For example, if we want to transfer cash or receive cash from outside country, making installment, payment of invoices, bill payments, send money by bank transfer across the states in US we need to have COMERICA BANK routing number to identify that bank branch in the United State.

So the routing number of Comerica bank gives a distinguishing proof of the number for practically are qualified to make the transactions across the country or in US. So everybody can transfer cash in Comerica bank easily.

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