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This website provides brief information about UNION STATE BANK bank routing number, UNION STATE BANK bank branches, ZIP Code, Routing Numbers, etc. It is not difficult to transfer cash flow to UNION STATE BANK within the states of US by wire transfer, just search for financial banking institute, UNION STATE BANK routing number, swift code and get the complete details of a particular bank.

UNION STATE BANK List - Routing Numbers, City, ZIP Details

# Routing Number City Address ZIP Code
1 062202697 PELL CITY 2019 COGSWELL AVE - ALABAMA 35125-0000
2 062203395 PELL CITY 2019 COGSWELL AVE - ALABAMA 35125-0000
3 062205034 PELL CITY 2019 COGSWELL AVE - ALABAMA 35125-0000
4 073903150 WINTERSET 201 W. COURT AVE - IOWA 50273-0000
5 073910745 GREENFIELD 214 S 1ST ST - IOWA 50849-0000
6 091302788 HAZEN 209 CENTRAL AVENUE NORTH - NORTH DAKOTA 58545-0468
7 091311135 HAZEN 209 CENTRAL AVE N - NORTH DAKOTA 58545-0000
8 091803818 WEST SALEM PO BOX 870 - WISCONSIN 54669-0000
9 101100993 ARKANSAS CITY 127 S SUMMIT STREET - KANSAS 67005-2679
10 101101620 CLAY CENTER 701 5TH STREET - KANSAS 67432-0000
11 101104151 EVEREST 545 MAIN - KANSAS 66424-0000
12 101105341 EVEREST 545 MAIN - KANSAS 66424-0000
13 101106214 EVEREST 545 MAIN - KANSAS 66424-0000
14 101106939 OLSBURG 204 E. HWY 16 - KANSAS 66520-0000
15 101110640 UNIONTOWN P O BOX 100 - KANSAS 66779-0100
16 101215451 EVEREST 545 MAIN - KANSAS 66424-0000

Why we use UNION STATE BANK, Routing Numbers in the US?

The Union state bank routing number is a 9 digits numerical codes which is particularly used to identify Union state bank branch for different monetary purposes. For example, if we want to transfer cash or receive cash from outside country, making installment, payment of invoices, bill payments, send money by bank transfer across the states in US we need to have UNION STATE BANK routing number to identify that bank branch in the United State.

So the routing number of Union state bank gives a distinguishing proof of the number for practically are qualified to make the transactions across the country or in US. So everybody can transfer cash in Union state bank easily.

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