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This Sort Codes lookup tool helps you find all the Sort Codes of the UK banks and also shows you detailed information like the phone numbers, CHAPS BIC Code, swift Code and other useful information of all the local banks in UK.

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Find All 14528 UK banks Sort Codes, CHAPS BIC Code, Branch and more information

This website provides an easy way to find the sort codes of banks in the UK, with this website you can also easily search bank branch by narrow down searches of any bank. The sort code is a six-digit code that allows easy identification of the bank and its branch. The first number sort codes and in some cases the first two digits make the banks easily recognizable.

The sort code is used by British and Irish banks to direct money transfer from one bank to another in their country.

United Kingdom Bank - Sort Codes, Bank Name, City Address, Branch Details

# Sort Code Bank Name City Branch - Office Address
651 114657 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh George St
652 114656 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh Wester Hailes
653 114655 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh Shandwick
654 114654 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh,Rose St
655 114653 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh,Portobello
656 114652 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh,Piershill
657 114651 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh,Nth Morningside
658 114649 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh,Newington
659 114648 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh Shandwick
660 114647 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh Morningside
661 114646 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh,Mayfield
662 114645 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh Cameron Toll
663 114643 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh,Leith,Victoria H
664 114644 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh,Liberton
665 114642 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh,Leith,North
666 114641 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh,Leith,Leith Walk
667 114639 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh,Kinnaird Park
668 114638 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh Royal Mile
669 114637 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh,Greenside
670 114636 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh,Goldenacre
671 114635 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh George St
672 114634 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh George St
673 114633 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh,Financial Ad Cen
674 114632 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh Morningside
675 114631 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh,Dalry Road
676 114629 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh,Corstorphine Wes
677 114628 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh Corstophine West
678 114626 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh Royal Mile
679 114627 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh Comely Bank
680 114625 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh,Castle Terrace
681 114624 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh Royal Mile
682 114623 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh Comely Bank
683 114622 Halifax Leeds Edinburgh,Barnton
684 114621 Halifax Leeds East Kilbride,Motorola Ltd
685 114619 Halifax Leeds East Kilbride
686 114618 Halifax Leeds Dyce
687 114617 Halifax Leeds Duns
688 114616 Halifax Leeds Dunoon
689 114615 Halifax Leeds Dunkeld
690 114614 Halifax Leeds Dunfermline,11-13 East Port
691 114613 Halifax Leeds Dunfermline,Bothwell Street
692 114612 Halifax Leeds Dundee, Students Branch
693 114609 Halifax Leeds Dundee,Murraygate(Personal)
694 114608 Halifax Leeds Dundee, Fairmuir
695 114611 Halifax Leeds Dundee, Overgate Centre
696 114607 Halifax Leeds Dundee, Business
697 114606 Halifax Leeds Dunblane
698 114605 Halifax Leeds Dunbar
699 114604 Halifax Leeds Dumfries
700 114603 Halifax Leeds Dumbarton

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