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South Korea Area Codes - Area Codes for South Korea

Are you looking for the list of all area codes in South Korea you are in the right place here you can check the detailed information such as area codes in South Korea below in the table, there is the list of area codes for South Korea country. To check the detailed information just click on the area code number this will move you to the detailed page of the area code.

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This website provides brief information about South Korea area codes, of more than 16 area code number around the South Korea and a collection of area codes in the list of bases country.

South Korea - All Area Codes List

# Area Code City State | Province Country Code
1 51 Busan KR (+82)
2 64 Cheju-Do KR (+82)
3 63 Chulla-Buk Do (Province) KR (+82)
4 61 Chulla-Nam Do (Province) KR (+82)
5 43 Chungchong-Buk Do (Province) KR (+82)
6 41 Chungchong-Nam Do (Province) KR (+82)
7 42 Dae-Jun KR (+82)
8 53 Daegu KR (+82)
9 32 In-Chun KR (+82)
10 33 Kangwon-Do (Province) KR (+82)
11 62 Kwang-Ju KR (+82)
12 31 Kyonggi-Do (Province) KR (+82)
13 54 Kyoung-Sang-Buk Do (Province) KR (+82)
14 55 Kyoung-Sang-Nam Do (Province) KR (+82)
15 2 Seoul KR (+82)
16 52 Ulsan KR (+82)

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